It is that time…

I haven’t been posting much.

I could blame it on the fact that we’re potty training Mayer and I have spent all day the last three days saying “Let’s go potty!” over and over and over again. :)

But really – I’ve been busy!

I’ve been trying to find medical care here in the US for some little ones I met in Uganda who desperately need medical intervention they can’t get there. I’ve got some great people helping me look for hospitals and some good leads. Hopefully we’ll get something lined up for them soon!

One thing I haven’t posted about yet is that I am working with an agency here in the US to start a Uganda adoption program. We’ll be focusing on special needs children but will be helping any child that needs a family. I’m excited about it and the possibilities. I know independent adoption isn’t for everyone – I have talked to many families who want to use agencies but many of the agencies out there are SO expensive. I hope we can provide a lower cost, excellent program that will find families for some really special little ones.

I will have more details soon as they come together.

I have been rejoicing lately as several families have come home with their Ugandan children…it is such a relief to see this process going smoothly again after all that happened.

I recently learned about an adoption program in a very small West African country that sounds very interesting. For families interested – parents must be over 35 and married 10 years (no, it isn’t Haiti though the requirements are about the same) and they are independent adoptions. The orphanage is very open to discussing adoption and can let you talk to other families who have adopted. Let me know if you want more information.

The wonderful Licia from the Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday. Lori & Licia run an amazing program in Haiti…really, I have been there. Seen what they do, held the children whose lives they have saved and loved their ministry for years. Check out their blog form some pictures of a super cute new baby girl. Man, she’s adorable!


One Comment to “It is that time…”

  1. Exciting about Uganda! I’m interested in hearing more about the W. African country…do both parents have to be 35+ (I’m 35, hubby is 32, & we’ve been married for 10 years). I “chatted” w/you previously about Uganda and have also been looking into Rwanda (our son is Ethiopian). gndpacheco at yahoo dot com

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