New adoption program!

I am excited to announce a new adoption program!

For several months I have been working with Adoption Advocates International (AAI) in WA to develop a new adoption program in Uganda!  I am thrilled that AAI is on board and wants a Uganda program, they are one of the most respected and reputable agencies out there.  They have a long history of advocating for the adoption of harder to place children, older children, special needs, HIV+, etc.   I love that they are truly in the business of finding families for children, instead of children for families. 

Our Uganda program is coming together so well and I’m very excited about the possibility of helping many orphans in Uganda find loving families!

We are still developing our connections with the orphanages we will be working with.  We expect that we’ll have babies and children of all ages waiting for families.  We expect to have older children (over age 3), both healthy and HIV+, waiting for families.  We haven’t seen many sibling groups (especially young sibling groups) in the orphanages we’re working with but there may be some that need families.  We expect to see abandoned and orphaned infants and toddlers refered to our program as well.  

Some of you who have followed my blog and followed our journey to adopt from Uganda might be shaking your head and saying that after what we went through, there is no way you could adopt from Uganda.    Well,  I’m happy to say that guardianship/adoption in Uganda is going well again.  Unfortunately, we got stuck while some changes were made to the process, but families who are coming home with their kids now are reporting that the process seems to be back up and running smoothly. 

That said, this is what we call a “Pilot Program”.   We need some adventurous pioneer families willing to pave the way for our program.  I expect everything to go smoothly, but like any new program there can be bumps and unexpected twists in the road.  

If you are interested in learning more feel free to send me an email at 
I’d be happy to share more or send you a brief information sheet.  

The program isn’t up on the AAI website yet but you can check out their other programs and general information.


4 Responses to “New adoption program!”

  1. I am thrilled ! We just applied to be a pilot family for Burundi…otherwise I would be all over this program especially with such a great agency! I hope it goes beautifully for the children in Uganda. Best Wishes!

  2. I’m so excited to hear this as we used AAI for our Ethiopian adoption back in 2006 and plan to use them again in the future…we can attest to their commitment to finding families for children. Their dedication to the hardest to place children is amazing! We aren’t ready to move forward yet on our next adoption as we’re in the middle of a move & trying to sell our house, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future.


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