Gage Needs a Family!!!

When I found out that Monroe was being adopted and wouldn’t spend the rest of his life (which would likely be very short if transferred) in an Eastern European mental institution tied to a crib,  I cried with joy. 

Please, don’t let that happen to little Gage.  Let’s find him a family! Gage has a $4,500 grant towards his adoption!!!  You can see a short video clip of him here:

Please email Andrea at if you want more information!

From Reece’s Rainbow:

BOY, born November 26, 2005


Gage is a very intelligent, happy, and affectionate young man!  

From his medical records:    Cerebrospinal partial Aplasia of the lower part of the spine, partial hypoplasia of pelvis bones, contracture of femurs/thighs/hips and knees.  Likely common diagnosis of Caudal Regression Syndrome/Sacral Agenesis.

From his caregivers:  crawls on his hands, talks simple sentences, well oriented in colors and forms and objects, eats independently.  Very smart and handsome little boy with great potential, in great need of a loving family to understand and take care of his medical needs.   If anyone is considering adopting Gage, here is a website you should see:

Johnny Eck had the same condition as Gage. He led a full and rich life, and even though his ways of making aliving is controversial, we have to remember that the times were different then. Anyway, this man made lemonade out of the lemons life handed him. How wonderful if he could be an inspiration for someone to pursue adopting Gage.

 UPDATE!  (June 2010).  Gage is blessed to still be at the baby house.  He is facing the institution this year.   he continues to develop well cognitively and socially, and he is well loved at his orphanage.   From his caregivers:  The child cannot walk, he can sit comfortably and moves around with the help of hands, operates the wheel-chair very well, talks, sings, knows poems, letters, eats himself.

From an adoptive family who visited with him in August 2010:  “I saw Gage again today.  He is so precious and full of life! I can’t stress enough he looks happy and healthy!! I can’t bear the thought of him facing the institution, someone please come for him!   He is a little ray of sunshine, that boy. Always looks so happy and really gets around well – whether it be moving himself around on the ground to play or pushing himself in his wheelchair. Her really lights up everything around him! “

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