Third Uganda Day

We woke up early and had breakfast at our hotel in Fort Portal.  It was COLD.  I was kicking myself I hadn’t brought my jacket with me.  Our driver was waiting for us out front so we quickly checked out and headed on the 2.5 hour trip to Ibanda.

The drive to Ibanda was beautiful.  We passed through Kibale Forest/National Park which was just stunning.  Apparently there are a lot of animals in this forest (chimps, elephants, buffalo, antelope, etc) but we didn’t see any.  We did pass by one of the crater lakes – which was just gorgeous.  The mountains in this area are stunning.  It was a rough drive – bumpy, twisty, dirt roads up and down the hills.

We made it to Ibanda late morning.  We stopped at a couple of places to buy food for the orphanage – the grocery store and the market.   I don’t think they see many Muzungu in this area because my goodness the staring and pointing was at an all time high. :)   Danielle was a hit at the market when she started handing out suckers to the little ones.  I think we have video but its on Danielle’s camera.  Will try to get her stuff pretty soon.

We headed over to the babies home and it was so fun to see Sister Christine again!   The kids are beautiful and it was so special to see this place my son spent the first two years of his life at.   I saw the place he slept and all the little friends he grew up with.  I’m thrilled that many of them have adoptive families, including little Nicholas…the little boy who could have been our son.  That was surreal, and it was incredible to get a chance to hold him and love him.   It was so fun to be able to take pictures of the children who are being adopted for their families.

We played with the children for a while then had lunch with Sisters Christine and Edwina.   After lunch we had to make the 6.5 hour trip back to Kampala.   The road from Ibanda to Kampala was…I can’t even describe it.  Just nauseating.  Between the road work and traffic the trip back to Kampala took about 8 hours.  We were able to stop at the Equator on the way back which was fun.   It was dark by time we got back to Kampala and Danielle and I were unsure about getting the taxi back to our guesthouse by ourselves in the dark.   So we found a driver in Kampala and had him take us back to our guesthouse.  Somehow we got a crazy taxi driver who decided that instead of sitting in the traffic jam like the rest of the Kampala, to drive on the wrong side of the road most of the trip home.   He kept darting in and out of driveways to avoid on-coming traffic.  It was a nail-biting, white-knuckle trip but we made it back in one piece!  We were happy to be “home” and get a good nights sleep before our next days travel to Jinja.

Mayers bed was on the right in the corner by the window.

One Comment to “Third Uganda Day”

  1. all i can say is thank you…we cannot wait until our arms are around him and our baby girl…but thank you for standing in the gap for us

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