One year

A year ago we received two pictures in an email.  Two little boys.  Both orphans.  Both needed a family.  We were told to choose.

They weren’t the greatest pictures.

I sent an email to a good friend that said  “How are we supposed to choose?!  Please pray….”

I was so confused and unsure.  I emailed the attorney and asked if there were any younger babies available.  I was nervous about their ages.

We prayed.  I was still unsure.

Keith felt drawn to one little boy over the other.

We decided that he was the one.   We said yes.

Our sweet Mayer.

We thank God every day for giving us this great gift.

These pictures just amaze me.  The difference in this child.  Not only is he bigger, older.  But you can just see something in his eyes.  A change.  Nothing can replace the love of a family.


One Comment to “One year”

  1. Hi Salem…I love your story, it tugs at my heat b/c I know God did a work in yours, not just for Mayer, but for our Nicholas too. Thank you! I can’t wait to get them together someday with their forever families in tact!

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