Fourth day in Uganda

The day after we got back from Fort Portal we got up early.  Today was Jinja day.   Danielle and I walked to the main road from the guesthouse and tried to figure out which taxi to take going to the old taxi park.  We decided to abandon the taxi idea (I find the taxi system in Uganda so incredibly confusing) and just get a boda boda to the taxi park.  So we hailed two bodas and made our way into the city.   We weaved our way through the taxis to the Jinja sign where Linda was waiting for us.

The two hour trip was a piece of cake after our hours and hours on a bus to Fort Portal.  We had a great trip and were able to visit a large orphanage while we were there.  We also took the chance to visit the source of the Nile and meet friends that are in Uganda adopting for lunch.

The orphanage we visited is poor but the kids were a little better off than some of the others we’ve seen.  Of course, the children are just beautiful.   We were able to hand out shoes, underwear, toys, school supplies and other small gifts to the kids here (thank you to everyone who donated!) and they were so happy!  We were also able to purchase them some fresh food and soap.  Two things they really needed.

No many how many times I see it, I never get used to seeing groups of children growing up in orphanages without families.  I’ve said it so many times, but children SHOULD NOT grow up like this.  Children need families.  Parents.   These children are desperate for it.   Many of these children have lost their parents to AIDS, some to other diseases like TB and Malaria.   Some of them are HIV positive themselves.  Most of them have known what a family is like and they miss it.  They don’t want to live like this.  Some of these children have a parent still alive but too poor or too sick to care for them.  The ones that are adoptable…well, most of them will probably never be chosen for adoption.  Either they are too old or they are HIV+.  Or both.  Heartbreaking.  For all of them.


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