Sponsors desperately needed….


Some of you will remember when I wrote this about a little girl I met in Uganda last time I was there.

“Imagine you are a 7 year old girl in this slum. Your mother is called “mad” and shunned in your community because she is mentally disabled. You are a product of rape, as are your siblings. Your mother is pregnant again. Not by choice, but when she is raped frequently by unknown men it is what happens. There is no door on the tiny shack you live in. Men come and go as they please. You see things no child should ever have to see. You don’t go to school. You are dirty and dressed in rags. You don’t eat much. Other children make fun of you. But despite all that you kneel to greet the strange looking people who come to talk to your family and smile when they take your picture. You’re beautiful. You deserve so much more.”

This little girl and her brother are in a desperate situation. We’re hoping to get them into a boarding school where they can be safe. We need sponsors willing to step up and rescue these children.

The boarding school costs $35 per month per child. Thats $70/month for both of them.

PLEASE consider sponsoring these precious children. Maybe your church or small group would like to take this on? We’ll be able to provide updates on them and how they are doing.

These children deserve the very best. They are in an extremely dangerous situation right now. If they aren’t already being abused they will be eventually. I can’t just sit by and let them continue to live like this.

After we get these kids moved I’ll be working to figure out how to help their mother. Any ideas are welcome!

Spread the word. Ask around. Lets get these kids somewhere safe.


2 Comments to “Sponsors desperately needed….”

  1. Tell me how I can help!!!

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