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November 30, 2010

What a crazy couple of weeks.

I have been sick. For about a month. Its been coming and going…really sick, feeling better, really sick, feeling better…I’ve been down this weekend with a fever, cough, aches and pains. Blech. Pray I start feeling better, for good this time.

I was up and going for Thanksgiving. We had a busy, busy day. We went to Keiths’ moms house for a family dinner with his family and then my grandpas house for a family dinner with my family. We both have BIG families and gosh things get crazy. Mayer is such an easy going, fun guy and he loved every minute of it. He was so buys playing he didn’t even eat much and when we got home that evening he told me “hungry, mommy.” LOL.

It was sooo fun to celebrate Mayer’s first Thanksgiving with him. I can’t help but think about this time last year, we knew we had a baby boy waiting for us in Africa but we had to spend the holidays away from him. It was hard!

Last year about this time we got our first real bit of information about Mayer. When we got our referral all we had was one (bad) picture, a name and date of birth. That was it. So to get a text message from his caregiver was soooo exciting! She said he is “very gentle” “lovely” and “the mayor of the home”. We had no idea what that last line meant, but now of course, it makes so much sense. He is very used to being the boss. :)

We got our Christmas tree up and are in full holiday mode. I just can’t wait to experience that first Christmas morning with him! I’m so excited to see him experience it all and have our baby boy with us. We’re so happy.

November 27, 2010

Truth Pandemic – Get the Facts! (and please share!)

November 24, 2010

Families Needed

The AAI Uganda Program really needs families interested in adopting older children (over age 5).

We have many children who will be waiting for families between the ages of 5-12.

Please spread the word and email me if you want more information.

November 22, 2010

Ugandan Paper Bead Necklaces

We are selling these gorgeous Ugandan paper-bead necklaces to help pay for Mayer’s adoption finalization.

These beautiful necklaces are hand-made by Ugandan women to support their families.  Each necklace is unique.

* Order before Thursday and these will be shipped by the end of the week!

* $20 per necklace, includes shipping.

* Please specify whether you would like LONG, MEDIUM or SHORT LENGTH.

* You can request a certain color scheme and I will try to go by your request.

Pinks, blues,reds, orange, dark, multi-colored. All long necklaces are multi-colored traditional paper-bead necklaces.  They can also be wrapped and used as a bracelet!

*Awesome Christmas present!

Please share with anyone who might be interested in purchasing.

November 20, 2010

All I want for Christmas….


November 16, 2010

Where does the time go?

Can someone explain to me how it is the middle of November already?

I just can’t believe it.  The last 5.5 months since Mayer came home have just gone crazy fast.  This entire year has gone crazy fast.  We left for Africa in January – came home in April, spent most of May fighting with the government to get Mayer home, brought him home June 1 and it has been go, go, go ever since!  I feel like I skipped half of the year!

So what is keeping me so busy?  Well parenting (of course!), volunteer responsibilities and WORK.  I have no idea how many hours a week I’m working right now, but everything added up is probably a lot.  Thankfully I can either work from home or take Mayer with me so we’re hardly ever apart.  I’m still working for my parents in addition to working for AAI.  I’m LOVING my new job with AAI.   I am so excited about our program.  I see it as a program with two equally important focuses – family preservation/orphan prevention and adoption.    Helping place already orphaned children into families while supporting or implementing programs in Uganda that support vulnerable families so they don’t feel like abandoning their children is their only hope.   I’m really happy about the connections we’re making.  It seems like slow going at first but we’re picking up some momentum and not only will be have children being united with their new parents soon,  we’re able to contribute to some great organizations doing wonderful things to help keep families together.  Doesn’t get much better than that in my opinion!

Mayer continues to do great.  He is still dealing with some jealousy issues with F. while we’re at my moms house but we’re working on it.  He is such a funny, happy little guy and we’re having so much fun with him.  I can’t wait to experience his first holiday season with him!

Keith and I trying to finish Mayer’s adoption before the end of the year.  We are cutting it REALLY close.  We are still waiting for our post-placement report to come back from the agency.  As soon as it comes (we are hoping this week) we will turn everything into the court and pray we can get a court date and ruling before January 1.   We really need that tax credit this year.  Not only do we still owe money on Mayers adoption we really need to get paid back, we are praying about a special needs baby that really needs a family.   Please pray with us that we can get this done sooner rather than later.

Now lastly – I saw this on another blog and thought we’d try it.   I get questions now and again from people – ranging from people just curious about our family to people interested in our adoption process and people just interested in adoption in general.  So ask away.  You can email me ( or you can post a comment.  I’ll work on the answers and try to make a blog post soon with the Q’s and A’s (if they are appropriate of course!).   Sound fun?  I think so too.  :)


November 12, 2010

Speaking of fundraising!

Want a chance to give beautiful and meaningful gifts for Christmas?  Want the money you spend to help bring a child home to their forever family? Check out this page.  What a great idea!

November 11, 2010

Adoption Fundraising

Have you seen this blog?

Families who are fundraising for their adoption can get the fundraisers posted here and others can go here to find all the fundraisers in one place!  I think it’s a great idea and I’m already getting some Christmas gift ideas.  Check it out!

November 10, 2010

First tooth!


F. lost his first top tooth last night!
5 years 9 months old.  :)

November 9, 2010

Once our eyes are opened, we can’t pretend we don’t know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know, and holds us responsible to act.” Prov. 24:12