Update on our sweet boy.

I’ve been working on this post for a while. I haven’t given a good update on Mayer for a long time!

Mayer has been home from Uganda for 5 months! 5 months!!!! I just can’t believe it. Its been nine months since we officially became a family. I was looking for something in my blog today and saw this post. And I cried. Because I remember that day SO WELL. It seems like yesterday. My heart was so happy to post that picture and show our new son to the world.

Mayer has changed SO MUCH in the last nine months.

He’s taller. He’s thinned out a lot and looks more like a little boy and less like a baby boy.
He is talking so much more. He’s a lot more coordinated. He runs pretty well now.

He still loves cars/trucks and balls. He also loves to play outside in his blue car. One of his favorite things is when my little siblings are here to play. They pull his car up to the top of the hill. They take turns riding in the car. One pushes the car down the hill and they go flying until they hit the bushes or someone stops them at the bottom. The squeals and screams of happiness will go on for hours.

He loves Dora, Diego and Team Umizoomi right now. He get very excited when we turn on one of those shows. He is scared of Swiper and will often come rushing over to me saying “scary, mommy! swiper!” but breaths a sigh of relief when all is well in Dora land.

He’s learning to say “me” and “I” but we still only hear those words occasionally. He often puts “you” in there instead of those words. “help you” for help me. “up you please” for pick me up, please. He has started pointing at himself and saying “tooooo” for I want some too. He says “ungee mommy!” when he’s hungry and will chant “eat eat eat!” with great enthusiasm. He still likes food. :) He repeats a lot of things we say but only has a handful of phrases he really says well. Most of the time if we say something for him to repeat he leaves off most of the sentence and says the last word. For example when we pray and say “Thank you, Jesus” He just says “Jesus”. We know his speech is delayed but he’s been making such gains, and I keep reminding myself he’s only been immersed in the English language for nine months, but I do think its time to think seriously about speech therapy. I welcome any thoughts on this subject.

Mayer is such a loving, sweet kid. He gives kisses, cuddles and hugs freely.
He has learned to cover his mouth when coughing and turn his head when sneezing. Daddy taught him that quickly when Keith got a face full of food one time while feeding him something. :)

He loves my young siblings, his aunts and uncle. He and F. (age 5.5) are pretty competative at times. Ok, a lot of time but they also play really well together some times. I think it has been hard on F. going from the baby of the family to having to share that attention and his toys. Things seem to be going better though and we’re working on sharing, and being nice to each other. K and M love him and are wonderful with him. He loves them and often wakes up asking to see them. It’s adorable.

Mayer loves the park. He loves to watch ice skating and hockey but does not love ice skating himself. We tried it and he was miserable. He was SO excited to try it but once we got on the ice he freaked out and wanted to lay flat on his back or stomach the whole time. Wouldn’t even attempt to stand. LOL. So out we went. We’ll try again next winter. The other kids are all really into ice-skating and hockey so I hope he’ll get into it eventually.

He’s completely daytime potty trained now. Occasionally we’ll have an accident or two during the week but its mostly when he gets very involved playing and forgets to go. I try to remind him if I notice he hasn’t gone in a while. He’s still in diapers at night and naptime but I’m in no hurry with that.

So that’s a general run down of how he’s doing! His adjustment home has just been amazingly easy. I could never have hoped it would be this smooth or that he would be such a good, easy going little guy. He has his moments…he is 2 after all….but he’s the best behaved little 2 year old I know. :)

Now, how about a hodge podge of pictures! I’ll try to upload some video soon but I’ve hit my limit on Vimeo for the week so I’ll do it next week.


One Comment to “Update on our sweet boy.”

  1. He is SO SO big. I love it. He looks fantastic (good job mom and dad)!
    As for speech therapy- talk to your pediatrician about having an evaluation done by your school district. That way it is free. Tommy didn’t qualify (by the smallest margin…grrr) but I got some good ideas on what to work on to catch him up, and by the time we did the reevaluation about eight months later the therapist said he was at or above the expected level for his age.
    Things the therapist suggested: using only straw cups- the suction helps develop the muscles needed for speech. Moving him to a booster or regular chair at the dinner table so he could feel like he was a participant in family conversations. Reading, reading, and more reading, as well as doing easy to understand music repeatedly. Every time you change his diaper (or take him to the potty) do a nursery rhyme. Nursery rhymes are awesome for language development. Talk incessantly while you do things. It will annoy you, but be great for him. So as you clean up, for example, describe exactly what you are doing, “now I am picking up the green truck and carrying it into the corner.”
    We miss you guys! Tommy was so sad when I had to put his “Ohio” shirt away from the winter. It was one of his favorites! And from time to time he will tell me that we need to drive to Ohio to see his friends.

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