What a crazy couple of weeks.

I have been sick. For about a month. Its been coming and going…really sick, feeling better, really sick, feeling better…I’ve been down this weekend with a fever, cough, aches and pains. Blech. Pray I start feeling better, for good this time.

I was up and going for Thanksgiving. We had a busy, busy day. We went to Keiths’ moms house for a family dinner with his family and then my grandpas house for a family dinner with my family. We both have BIG families and gosh things get crazy. Mayer is such an easy going, fun guy and he loved every minute of it. He was so buys playing he didn’t even eat much and when we got home that evening he told me “hungry, mommy.” LOL.

It was sooo fun to celebrate Mayer’s first Thanksgiving with him. I can’t help but think about this time last year, we knew we had a baby boy waiting for us in Africa but we had to spend the holidays away from him. It was hard!

Last year about this time we got our first real bit of information about Mayer. When we got our referral all we had was one (bad) picture, a name and date of birth. That was it. So to get a text message from his caregiver was soooo exciting! She said he is “very gentle” “lovely” and “the mayor of the home”. We had no idea what that last line meant, but now of course, it makes so much sense. He is very used to being the boss. :)

We got our Christmas tree up and are in full holiday mode. I just can’t wait to experience that first Christmas morning with him! I’m so excited to see him experience it all and have our baby boy with us. We’re so happy.


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