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December 31, 2010

It’s official!

Today was a wonderful day – today we officially adopted Mayer!

He is legally, officially ours FOREVER! 

It was a nail biter right up until the end – would you expect anything else with this adoption?!

Apparently our judge was out of town today so our case was heard by a magistrate.  We had been assured that the adoption would be final today so that we could have it done this year for tax purposes (a big deal when it means a $13,000 refund or having to pay). Then today, the magistrate said he’d hear our case and then the judge would sign off on it when he got back on Monday.  I didn’t burst into tears, but I admit – I did involuntarily clasp my hands like I was begging when I asked if there was any way possible to get it signed today.  Thankfully, our magistrate was very kind and after he heard our case he ran upstairs and found another judge willing to sign off on our adoption!

So it’s official – it’s done!  We’re soooo happy! Mayer was great during the hearing and of course charmed everyone at the court house.  :)

I’ll post pictures soon!