Waiting Kids – Updated

This is a list of the current kids waiting for families in the AAI Uganda program.
Please send me a message for more information!

Boy age 2
Girl age 2 (Special Needs)
Boy age 4
Girl age 4
Girl age 5
Girl age 6 (HIV+)
Girl age 6
Boy age 6
Boy age 6
Boy age 6
Boy age 7
Girl age 7
Girl age 8
Girl age 8
Boy age 8
Boy age 8 (HIV+)


2 Comments to “Waiting Kids – Updated”

  1. We are an AAI (ETH) family, starting up the process again, planning for ETH program. I know with ETH, they will allow you to adopt two unrelated child where one or both are SN…what about Uganda, if we were interested in kids on the waiting list, could we adopt two at once? We’re hoping to adopt a boy & a girl this time around and open to some special needs, but we want to keep our son (DOB Jan 2006) as our oldest. Also, in ETH ages can be off by quite a bit, how is it in Uganda? Looking at your list, we might like to hear/learn more about the first 4 listed as well as more about the program.
    gndpacheco at yahoo dot com

  2. Hello. I was made aware of a child with Down syndrome that may be available for adoption. My husband and I would like some more info please. We recently adopted from Ukraine. We just want to be prayerfully open to whatever God would have. We learned of your site/this child through Maria Falvo.

    Thank you and God Bless,
    Charrissa Browning

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