Saving Masha….

****** Masha has a family!!!!****

Look at this beautiful little girl.  Just look at this face!

This sweet little girl is Masha.  Masha is very close to being transferred to a mental institution in her Eastern European country.  Many children don’t survive long in these places.  Chances of her surviving are slim.  She deserves so much more. 

This beautiful little girl struggles greatly with the effects of FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome).   She is four years old, but the size of a 12 month old.  She isn’t yet walking.  She is extremely delayed and stunted – partly because of her syndrome and partly because of her environment. 

Everyone who has met Masha agrees – this child will do amazing things with the love of a family and some therapy and medical care.   It is amazing  what the love of a family can do.  I just know this child will transform before your very eyes.

Masha could be transferred to the mental institution any day.  She needs a family NOW.

Masha has an amazing $17,721.75.  Yes, that is almost EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!  The cost to bring this baby home would so small.

Please spread the word.  Beg others to consider this sweet girl.  Contribute to her grant fund.  Maybe someone will step up if her entire adoption is covered?!   There is someone out there willing to save this precious child.  I just know it. 

 Interested?  Email Andrea at or visit Masha’s page here.

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