Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children

Have you seen this documentary?

It is heartbreaking and makes me furious.

I pray things have changed in the four years since this film was made but the facts are that these conditions are all too common in many Eastern European countries. 

I have pictures of some absolutely gorgeous children in Bulgaria that need families.   Babies to big kids.  Boys and girls.  They each have some sort of special needs, the severity varies.  They need families.  I will put you in touch with their adoption coordinator if you are interested.   Grants may be available for some of their adoption costs.


2 Comments to “Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children”

  1. wow…did you watch all 6 parts?

  2. Yes they had this in romania or something back in the 80-90s and I studied it a little in my psychology degree so sad! my heart breaks for them and we pray for them!

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