Update time…

Can you believe it, Mayer has been home for 9 months! He’s been with us for over a year! Totally amazing that we’ve known this little guy for a whole year.

Mayer is doing SO WELL!  He could be a poster child for toddler adoption. I can honestly say we have no attachment/adjustment issues. This kid seems like he’s always been a part of our family!    He is a mommas boy for sure but loves his daddy and gets so excited when Keith comes home. He’s talking much more and his pronunciation is becoming more clear. He is completely potty trained and while he does have some accidents – they are mostly when he’s very busy playing and doesn’t want to stop! He eats well and sleeps well. He plays hard but loves to read books as well. He’s just a good kid all around! People comment on what a quirker he is, he’s so silly sometimes. Especially when he’s showing off for people he’s just met or doesn’t see very often. He and F. still compete for attention. A lot. But that’s to be expected. They get along really well most of the time and Mayer loves to play with F. He and the girls have a great relationship and they are wonderful with him.

He’s growing taller and really thinned out since he came home. He definitely looks more like a little boy now.

One of his favorite phrases is “Me too!” or “Mayer too!” which he says ALL DAY LONG, about everything. Whatever you are doing, he wants to do. Whatever you have, he wants some too. :) He also says “Hey guys!” all the time. “Hey guys, come here!” “Hey guys, look at this!” Pretty adorable.

Here’s a new picture from this morning.  We’re just crazy about this little guy and feel so blessed to be his family!


3 Comments to “Update time…”

  1. He is just so dang CUTE!! I am so glad that your adoption journey went so well!

  2. We just love him to pieces!

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