Is this your daughter?

This beautiful baby girl is Princess.  Princess lives in Ghana and needs a family as soon as possible.  Is she your daughter?

This sweet girl is affected by hydrocephalus.  Hydrocephalus is the build up of fluid inside the skull.  It is treated with a shunt which drains the fluid from the head into the abdomen.  Princess had surgery and a shunt placed several months ago.  She is currently living with a loving foster family and doing well.  She interacts with and smiles at her caregivers.  She is still very much like a newborn but no one knows if this is related to her medical condition or if it is because she was laying in a hospital bed for the first 10 months of her life!  She is a beautiful, sweet baby girl that needs a family to step up and claim her as their own.  I just know she’ll make amazing progress with the love of a forever family and proper medical care in the United States.

I have friends with children that have hydrocephalus and would be happy to share with you their contact information if you’d like to talk to someone who is parenting a child with this condition.

Don’t worry about age or family size requirements – if this is your daughter email
Special needs adoption fees will apply.


3 Responses to “Is this your daughter?”

  1. Praying that her family finds her!!!


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