This and That…

  • April is a month of birthdays.  Mayer is not amused that it isn’t his birthday too.  A few nights ago while he was sitting on the potty he announced “Mayer sad.”  “Why are you sad, Mayer?”  I asked.   He replied:  “Not Mayers birthday….”   complete with incredibly sad, pouty face.  He’s figuring out birthdays are once a year.  What a bummer. 
  • I’m planning my next trip to Uganda.  Looks like I’ll be going back in June.  I’m excited to go back, so much work to be done, but sad to leave Mayer.  I know he’ll be fine but it doesn’t make it easy. 
  • We have a Kinect now.  It is FUN.  Really fun.  Mayer kicks some booty in boxing.  He’s good.  :)
  • We have been waiting many months to find out if we have permission to adopt a special needs baby we are hoping to make a part of our family.  Please pray for good news soon.   I’m not great at waiting.
  • Adoption disruption/dissolution makes me very, very sad.   Please keep a specific little girl named N. in your thoughts and prayers. 
  • On a happier note – the first families through the AAI program will be traveling to be united with their children in May.  I’m so excited!
  • K. and F. both started taking tennis lessons.   They are LOVING it.  I know nothing about tennis but I’m glad they are enjoying it.
  • F. starts t-ball and soccer soon.  K. is still in gymnastics.  M. is exceedingly excited about basketball clinic this summer.   Theses kids are staying active and busy. 
  • We tried Mayer in gymnastics.  He has no concept of staying in line and group settings with lots of children seem to be stressful for him.  He screamed and threw a fit for about 20 minutes because he couldn’t jump on the trampoline.  We decided he needed more time before doing group activities like this.
  • We had a playdate with new friends today.  Mayer was overjoyed to have another 3 year boy to play with.   They laughed, ran, and tumbled for an hour in complete bliss.  Yay for new friends!
  • I am still not amused at the IRS.   We have all our receipts ready but can’t fax them because the fax line is busy every time we try to fax.  We’ve tried at different times several days.    I’m going to mail a copy tomorrow and then just keep trying to fax the other copy.  So frustrated!
  • I am so thankful for spring!  It has been a long winter and I’m so happy to see the flowers blooming and leaves on the trees.  Yay!
  • Have you hear about Vanya?  He is 8 years old, HIV+ and needs a paper-ready family ASAP. He has a $16,000 grant!!   He’s adorable!
  • And last but not least, what about Eddie?  This little guy’s smile just caputred my heart.   He is so crazy adorable and has a $16,000 grant for his adoption!  Where is his family?! 

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