IRS woes….

Oi.  The IRS is not my friend right now.

As most adoptive parents trying to claim the adoption tax credit know, this is taking forever. 

We filed our taxes in February.  We claimed the  adoption tax credit knowing we would be adopting again.  The plan was to use part of the tax credit to pay towards the next adoption.  I would never have dreamed we would be here three months later and no money in sight.   It looks like most taxes claiming the adoption tax credit are going start to being audited.  Us included.  We sent all of our receipts, etc a month ago.  Still nothing.  I’ve heard rumors that it could be July before we see the credit….  ~sigh~

As you can imagine getting accuarte (or any) information from the IRS is next to impossible.

Anyone have any real knowledge of what is going on at the IRS?


3 Comments to “IRS woes….”

  1. We’re in the same boat. I did receive a letter yesterday saying, “We have received your information dated April 18, 2011. The IRS has 30 days to review our paperwork. If we do not hear back by then, the IRS will be in contact again.” I called the tax advocate people and they said we have to wait those 30 days. If we don’t hear anything then, we can call the advocate back up.

  2. I find it crazy that they are auditing parents with internationaly adopted children…do they not know that it costs way more then we get back to adopt????

  3. In the same boat. :(

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