Adoption Grants & Loans

I get emails quite often from families in the adoption process looking into adoption grants and loan programs.   I’ve tried for a while to keep a somewhat up to date list of these programs to share with families.   I thought I would share it here too.  Eventually, I’ll make a separate page/tab for these so they are easily accessible and I hope we can keep it up-to-date.  

I am not affiliated with any of these organizations.  Some (many, maybe most) have religious requirements.  Most require families to use an agency (no independent adoptions) and some do not give grants to singles.   You’ll have to read the fine print on each of the websites.  :)  Be sure to drop me a note and let me know of any that I have missed so I can update the list.    Here goes:

Abba Fund (loan)
Lifesong for Orphans (matching grant or loan)
A Child Waits
Gift of Adoption
Katelyns Fund
Lydia Fund
Pathways for Little Feet (loan)
Room for One More Child
Help Us Adopt
Show Hope
Ava’s Hope
Founding Family
Golden Dawn
National Adoption Foundation
Orphans Impact
Orphans Ransom
Our Creators Hope
Sea of Faces
Little Flowers
OATH Fair Hope
Eliya’s Heart
Sophie’s Foundation
Grace Hands of Hope
MICAH Fund (African American infants only)
JSC Foundation

Who’d I miss?





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