June 2011 Uganda Trip Day 2

Day 2:

Our flight got to London at about 9am and I got through customs in record time.  By 1030 I was on the metro on my way to central London.  I had about 8 good hours to spend in London and I was looking forward to wandering around London for several house, having a good meal (or two!) and seeing the main sights again since I hadn’t been outside the airport for ages. 

I decided to do one of those extremely touristy (which I usually detest) hop on – hop off bus tours.    Not something I would usually do but I thought it might be the best way to hit some of the major sites quickly.   I’m actually really glad I did it!  If you sit up top you get a great view of the city and I honestly enjoyed just riding around for a couple of hours watching the world go by.   I was able to get off at some of the interesting looking places and do some window shopping.  I had lunch and I hopped back on to continue my drive by tour of the city.   

Unfortunately it had started to drizzle…not enough to make me not want to be on the top side of the bus but enough to make the already slick floor very slippery.  A kid was going too fast and collided very quickly into me, knocking my feet out from under me.  Let me tell you, that was a lovely sight.  Me, a screaming kid and my carryons flying all over the place.   We were both fine except for my foot.  I have no idea what actually happened to it but it hurt pretty bad.   So I decided to do less walking and more riding.  So around we went some more.  I had to do Big Ben and Westminster Abbey though so I did get off there and made it just in time to hear Big Ben do its ringing.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Big Ben and it was fun to be there.

I hobbled around that neighborhood for a bit before deciding to call it a day 2 hours early and get the metro back to the airport.   I was really, really tired at this point  (Remember, no sleep during my last flight?) and my foot was hurting when I walked on it.  So off I went.    I got incredibly lost in the metro system (this line goes to this line, which you take to this stop then get this line….) but finally got back to the airport, grabbed some quick dinner and made myself comfortable in the waiting area to wait for my next flight.   Another overnight flight.  I was really hoping I would be tired enough to sleep during this one, no matter who I’m sitting next to! 

Uganda tomorrow! 



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