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July 19, 2011

4 years old….

Its hard to believe.

Our first baby boy is 4 years old.  


How did that happen? 

It was just yesterday I was holding this little baby on my lap. 

Schnider at 4 months old. 

It feels just like just a few months ago we were saying goodbye.  

What a hearbreaking time that was for our family.  

I can hardly bear to think about it.  

Our last weekend together before I took him back to Haiti. 

I know I say this all the time….but oh my goodness, how we miss him. 

Three years later, he is on our minds and in our thoughts every day.  

Mayer knows he has a brother in Haiti.    He prays for Schnider every night.

They will meet someday.  Someday we’ll go to Haiti together .  We will make it happen. 

As hard as it has been for us to not have him here with us any longer –
we are rejoicing in the success story that is his family. 

Schnider and his momma in Haiti

And that he’s growing up so big, is healthy and oh so loved.  

That he’s stayed safe during the earthquake and the cholera outbreaks. 

So many prayers still going up for this sweet boy. 

Happy 4th birthday Schnider-bug!

We love you so much!