Benja’s Gtube Surgery

Yes, I’ve been MIA for a bit.  But for good reason.  Our little Benja boy had g-tube surgery on Wednesday!

 Yay for no more NG tubes!  

We went in on Wednesday afternoon, he was in surgery by shortly after 4pm and we were in our room around 7pm.

The anesthesiologist has some fairly significant concerns about intubating  our sweet boy due to his past airway issues and his current jaw issues.  I think I’ve explained before but we have never been able to get Benja to open his mouth more than a few millimeters.   We have questioned whether he was refusing to open his mouth or if he truly wasn’t able.

The anesthesiologist thought that once he was asleep and was completely relaxed his jaw would just open more automatically.  After surgery the anesthesiologist explained that even under sedation, his jaw wouldn’t open any more than usual.  So, we now know that he has isn’t able to open to mouth more than a few millimeters.  They had to use some sort of special scope/camera to get him intubated and from what we’re told, it was fairly complicated.  But they did a great job and the actual g-tube surgery went very well.

Benja was pretty uncomfortable the first night after surgery but started feeling better really quickly.  By 2 days post op he was crawling around and acting like his regular old self.   His belly is still a bit sore of  course but we’re shocked how quickly he’s bounced back.   We came home Friday afternoon and so far everything looks to be healing very well.

We’re currently feeding him with a pump and working him back up to a regular feeding schedule.  He’s done OK so far though had a period of vomiting today.  We’ll take a step back on how much he’s getting and try again.   Besides that though, he’s done amazingly well and we’re so thrilled that NG tube is gone.  This little guy is such a trooper!

Before surgery.  

Right after surgery.

Poor little love. 

Bouncing back. 

Happy to be home!

Two days after surgery:


2 Comments to “Benja’s Gtube Surgery”

  1. That video is to cute! So glad Benja is doing well! Love it that Jovia is telling on him!

  2. It so funny how fast little ones learn No No what ever language they speak!!!!

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