Big Grants for Special Kids

Every once in a while I post about waiting children that I find have large grants and are in need of adoptive families.   I know that often money is the only thing that keeps families from adopting.   Please take a few minutes to look at these precious children and consider whether you, or someone you know, could be their forever family.   I have listed their name and the amount of their adoption grant as of 11/10/11.

Little ones with Downs Syndrome:

Artem $16,000
Celine $7,000
Preston $12,800
Alice $12,000
Xenia $9,000
Danila $11,800

Other Special Needs:

Anastasia – almost $8,000
Bethany – $9,600

In addition to the kiddos above, all listed on Reece’s Rainbow, AAI has a 10 year old HIV+ boy in Africa who has had another family offer to pay for ALL of his adoption fees.   I am the contact person for him so message me if you want more information on his situation.

WACAP also has large grants available on some of their waiting children.  The grants range from $2,000 – $9,500 depending on the need and what country the child is in.

Hoping to hear that some  all of these kids have families SOON! 

Do you know of any other waiting children with large grants towards their adoption?
Let me know so I can add them to this or future blog posts!











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