Years past….

I have been thinking about the last few Christmas celebrations in our family…

Christmas 2007 was our first Christmas in our current home, as well as our first Christmas as a family of three. Our precious Schnider was with us and it is a Christmas I will never forget.

Christmas 2008 was a difficult year. We were still grieving Schnider’s return to his first family and missing him so much. Our home and all of the activities felt so empty without him.

Christmas 2009 we had hoped to be in Uganda to get our new son and I was frustrated with how slow the process was going.   We were excited to know we had a precious child waiting for us but it was hard knowing he was across the world, still in an orphanage. We were so anxious to go get him!

Christmas 2010 was amazing – we were rejoicing that our son Mayer was finally home and would be spending his first Christmas with his forever family. We were also thinking and worrying about Benjamin – praying that we’d be given the opportunity to adopt him.

Little did we know that two months later we would first see the picture of a little girl who would later be our daughter and I hatched the idea of trying to adopt two special needs babies at once. I didn’t dare mention it to anyone…it was just too crazy. :)

This has been an absolutely exhausting year. It has been stressful but it has also been so incredibly full of joy.

Now I wonder what next Christmas will look like…. :)


Christmas 2007 – Schnider.  Love. 

No pictures from 2008.  

In 2009 we stared at this little face and anxiously prayed for the news that we could go get him.  

In 2010, we rejoiced that he was HOME. 

And now, in 2011 these little people blessed our lives. 


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