Christmas 2011 Recap

The days are just going by too quickly!   Is Christmas really over?!   Is it really almost 2012?  Ahhh!

We had a great, busy, fun and exhausting Christmas.   The morning didn’t go quite as I’d envisioned, waking up to a baby covered in vomit isn’t fun, but after a quick bath we were able to get back on track and the kids had a blast opening gifts here at home in the morning.   Well, Mayer opened most of the gifts and handed them out since J & B weren’t able/willing to do much unwrapping yet.    :)

After breakfast and getting dressed we headed next door to my parents house to continue the tradition of watching them open their gifts on Christmas morning.

We went from my parents house to Keith’s moms house where we had lunch and another gift exchange.   I forgot to take pictures at his moms house but the kids had so much fun playing with their many cousins and Jovia of course, was very happy to be eating.  :)

After lunch at Keith’s moms house we came home for a quick nap for everyone and to bake rolls for dinner.   We were dragging by 430 when we went to my grandfathers house for our families Christmas dinner but we were quickly revived and ready for the next round of food and fun.  We had a yummy dinner, the kids all had a blast and we exchanged “family gifts” this year, a gift to be used by the whole family.   That was fun.   By 630 we headed home, got everyone ready for bed and collapsed soon after.   It was a whirlwind but I’m so grateful for such an amazing, close and loving family!


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