January, two years ago, is the month we met Mayer.  This time two years ago I was attached to my phone, waking up every hour throughout the night checking email and checking it every 15 seconds during the day, hoping we’d have news of a court date from our attorney.  You adoptive moms know what I’m talking about.   I was insane.  

Mayer is going to be four soon.

I can’t believe it.

He is growing up way too fast.  I know it is so cliche to say so, but it is TRUE.  It seems just like yesterday we were in Uganda meeting him for the first time, that I was bringing him home, that he was toddling around here, so tiny and chubby.
He’s not tiny and chubby anymore.   He’s getting tall and lean.  And so smart!  He’s in preschool 3x’s a week and absolutely loves it.   He loves going next door to his jaja’s house more than about anything else and spends some time there almost every day.   He is so self confident and so quirky.   Mayer’s nickname and status as “the mayor of the babies home” was for a reason.   This boy thinks he should be in charge.  While that can be exhausting at times, I love to see his confidence.

Sigh.   We’ve been so blessed by the children God has placed in our family.   I can’t imagine a life without our Mayer.

Such a ham.   

Working on the computer. 


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