national de-lurking day!

Apparently, today is National De-Lurking Day! 

That means today is your day, all you people who read this blog but never comment…your day  to come out of hiding and let me know who you are!

If you don’t want to comment, shoot me a message and let me know that you are reading!  I love knowing how people came upon on this blog too, so if you want to share that I’d be a happy lady.  :)

Happy National De-Lurking Day!


12 Comments to “national de-lurking day!”

  1. Hey Salem – I don’t read regularly, but definitely occasionally! I don’t know you personally, but we have lots of friends in common – and I found our son’s photo oh Project Hopeful. Love to you and your family!

  2. I enjoy reading your updates. And think you are amazing !! I met you in Haiti when we adopted lubens.

  3. I have been reading here for a little over 2 yrs. I have NO IDEA how I stumbled upon your blog. :)

  4. Hi Salem! I love reading your blog and about your sweet kiddos. I met Kendra Neill in Ug when she was adopting D., and she always had amazing things to say about you. We were Hedda’s first pilot family in Fort Portal. Nice to “meet you”!

  5. I know of you through Sarah and Baby Bear~Jude in Austin at Dell Children’s Hospital. You are an inspiration!

  6. Were keeping up with you and the kids! Just love to read and watch as the kids blossom. My daughter is an amputee with some different spinal and neuro issues too.I have been tossing around the idea of maybe adopting and love to gain confidence about it through others. Hope the New Year is wonderful to you!

  7. The ‘Haiti” word in your blog heading caught me a couple years ago. We adopted a little gal from Haiti 2 years ago. I am now very interested in the 2 latest additions to your family.

  8. I am a lurker. I love seeing your kiddos!

  9. i love reading your blog! you are an inspiration and your family is in my prayers.

  10. Hi Salem ~ You know I read. :) Love you heart and LOVE keeping up with your precious littles. Keep it up!

  11. I love reading your blog! I come here often for you Uganda blog list as well as your posts. Your family is an inspiration to ours. Thanks for writing!

  12. Hi Salem!
    My name is Amy Cooper and I worked with Benja and Jovia at Bullrushes for a few months this past summer, mainly with Benja. Sarah Crane sent me this blog (she also worked for bullrushes and I think met you in Kampala?) because she knows how much I love Benja. I worked in the special needs rooms most days, but even when they assigned me to preemies I would stay longer after my shift just to sing to and play with Benja. He truly was my biggest joy in Kampala. I wish I could have spent more time with Jovia! Tears come to my eyes every time I come here and see what leaps and bounds they both are making and how truly happy they are. I read B the book that you sent every day and we would talk about and pray for his new family together. What a blessing you are! Give him a big squeeze for me, tell him I think of him often. You are such an inspiration.

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