This morning…

<—-  This little boy skipped preschool this morning, is still in his pajamas and is currently eating cheerios out of the box.

It’s been that kind of morning.

Benja freaked us out last night by pulling out his g-tube with the balloon still inflated.   For those that don’t know what that means, there is a small balloon filled with water at the end of the tube inside his stomach.  It holds the tube in his stomach and prevents it from coming out.  Or is supposed to.  But didn’t last night.   Benja was freaking out.  Ouch.  We got it replaced but there is quite a bit of blood around it this morning and the stoma looks pretty yucky.   Plus he woke up with a 102 fever and is acting very crabby.  So now I’m busy googling g-tube websites to try to figure out if this happened to other people (it has) and if I need to take him to the doctor (I am).

Ms Jovia decided to cry and fuss randomly every couple of house last night.    Every time I’d go check on her she was still asleep, just fussing and irritated.  I’d tell her to go to sleep, roll her over and she’d go back to sleep.  I woke her up once and she gave me a big smile and asked for a bottle.  So I don’t know.  She’s been crabby this morning too but is now happily sitting in her highchair knocking cheerios onto the floor one by one.

Never a dull moment around here!



One Comment to “This morning…”

  1. I used to do respite and as I was laying the little girl in her crib the tube got stuck and tangled and the water filled balloon popped out….freaked the HECK out of me, so I called a friend that did tons of special needs fostering she told me how to put it back in, the little girl had had her G-tube for quite a while so no blood, but redness…I think after its well healed you won’t see that same reaction…from my friend I got the impression is had happened to her a LOT

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