Some days…

The latest:

We raised more than enough money for these girls to be SAFE and taken care of.  We are already working on a long term plan for them to be within a loving family in Uganda.  THANK YOU to everyone that donated and shared.  

UPDATE from Facebook: 

We are quickly coming to a solution for the seven little girls who are living alone in central Uganda.  The short story is that the two malnourished babies (age 2 and 7 months) will be temporarily going to a malnutrition rehabilitation home and the five older girls will be going to boarding school. A bandaid on a very complicated situation but the girls need care and safety NOW. We need sponsors to step up and cover the cost of the girls boarding school. Urgently, we need $200 USD per child for the first term and the necessary books, uniforms, etc. Donations came be made on the AAI website ( and please note it is for the “7 Sisters in Uganda”. AAI is a 501(c)3. Please send me a note and let me know if you’ve donated so I can keep track of what has come in. I really hope to have all five girls in school by the end of the week. Please share with anyone who might be able to help.


Some days I feel like my heart just can’t handle anymore…the pleas for help, the stories of children in need.

Yesterday, Linda (my friend and the one who runs our work in Uganda) went on a community visit in an area of Uganda we’ve been asked to help. She told me briefly about a situation she came across. I want to share their story with you.

She met a family of seven little girls.  The oldest is 13 and the youngest is 7 months.  The baby is very malnourished.  Their dad lives and works hours away in the capital city.  Their mom died.  For weeks at a time these seven little girls are alone.


A 13 year old girl is the head of their house.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, I was told: “the kids get attacked at night by strangers”.

And my heart broke.

She didn’t elaborate on details but I can only guess what can be happening to these seven little girls who are alone.

Can you just imagine for a moment being 13 years old and being responsible for the lives of your six little sisters? 

These precious children, how vulnerable they are.

The thing is, I don’t know how to help these little girls.  They need to be somewhere safe now.

We’re researching our options for getting them out of this situation and into a safe place.

For now all I know to do is pray for them and ask you to pray as well.

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” – Psalm 82: 3-4


13 Responses to “Some days…”

  1. oh, Salem, this is heartbreaking. Let me know when you have a tentative plan so I could send some money.,

  2. Lord have mercy. . . please keep us updated on these precious girls. :”(

  3. Heartbreaking! Let me know your plan of action so we can help!

  4. Gut-wrenching. Child-headed households are the topic of my PhD dissertation in nursing and I will be going to Malawi. I don’t know how I can prepare for these types of stories, but no nurse scholars have been in orphan research and I hope that I can pave the way for that. It’s too important. Praying so hard for these little girls and for protection by good people. This makes me want to board the first flight out and go get them myself. I know you feel the same. Thanks for making their plight known so people can get involved physically and spiritually and financially. Please, keep us posted. By the way, I’m Kendra Neill’s mom.


  5. No words – praying the Lord will protect HIS children; that He will be faithful in His promise to defend HIS children and that He would put things in place to physically deliver them from the evil.

  6. Please let us know where to send money when you figure out where they’re going to go. This SO could have been my daughter in Ghana. There are no words…

  7. I just donated!!! God bless!

  8. I just took a team to Uganda last year where we found a 5 year old boy who was taking care of his grandparents. It was so heartbreaking! They had SO many needs and little Sammy was making water on the fire when I visited. One grandmother was incontinent and lying on the floor of their little hut and the other one was blind and deaf. Can you imagine? I was heartbroken at the overwhelming need. But the one grandmother was so happy and smiling as she laid on the floor. We had such sweet fellowship as she and I shared about our mutual love for Jesus. Amazing!! I went there to be a blessing and came back SO incredibly blessed myself. Words can not describe the impact these precious ones have had on my heart ever since….


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