Sick Days…

Its been an exhausting week!

Benja had a seizure on Sunday and stopped breathing for a short time while home alone with Keith.   Scary.  He called 911 when he noticed Benja wasn’t breathing but canceled the ambulance when he started breathing again and seemed to come out of the seizure.  I had just taken all the other kids to a bowling practice (they are joining a kids bowling league) when I got the phone call and had to run out and leave five kids at the bowling alley with their coach and his wife.  My mom met me at the house and after a quick assessment we decided I’d take him straight up to the children’s hospital two hours away.  He had started to spike a fever and it was 103 by time we left.  I packed quickly, got some Motrin in him and we took off.  Benja was either asleep or crying the whole way to the hospital and I was pretty concerned about him.  Got him into the ER and he woke up happy and smiling.  The ER is never fast and it was after bedtime by time we got seen.  At 10pm they decided that due to his complex medical needs we should do a CT scan of his brain.  Off we went to CT.  Thankfully (and oddly) Benja decided he really liked the CT and while he fussed briefly whey they strapped him down, he was all smiles and big eyes while the actual scan was happening.  After the nurse heard we had a 2 hour drive home, she asked them to speed things up and they quickly found a neurologist to look at the CT.  We’re told they didn’t see anything unexpected and they were going to send us home on the condition we’d have an EEG done ASAP.  So at midnight we headed out for the drive home.  Benja stayed awake almost the whole drive home and then slept fitfully the rest of the night.  Over the next couple of days Ben’s fevers have stayed up (waking up every morning with a 103-104 fever) and he’s started coughing and throwing up.  We went back to the doctor a couple of days ago who changed one of his meds which he thinks was irritating his belly and said just to watch him.   On top of all that he has two teeth coming in and his poor little gums have been so swollen.  Thankfully he seemed better last night.  He’s still sleeping this morning but so far no vomit, so we’ll see what the day brings!  :)

Jovia started with a fever, cough and runny nose a couple of days ago but the fever has tapered off.   Mayer’s been congested and coughing for a few days, hoping that doesn’t get any worse and goes away soon.  Momma isn’t sleeping well with these sick babies and we’re all hoping this passes quickly.  Sick days aren’t fun for anyone!



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