Independent girl…

Jovia is getting more and more independent all the time. She wants to do what the other kids do. She wants to clean up her toys, wash dishes, help put away groceries, play games on the iphone (she’s good!) and put her clothes in the dirty laundry. She (and we) are figuring out ways for her to be as independent as possible. I can’t wait for her to get the wheelchair! We got insurance approval a few weeks ago. Hopefully they will begin building it soon! I’m really hopeful she’ll have it before the summer.


4 Comments to “Independent girl…”

  1. Beautiful AND smart…watch out world!

  2. There is nothing she can’t do with an adittude like that! Way to go !!!

  3. That is amazing! She’s a remarkable girl.

  4. Hi :

    My husband and I have just adopted a congenital quad amputee from Thailand. Hope is 7 1/2. I’d love to be in touch privately to share information.

    Sharon Dennehy

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