Laurel Needs a Family

Laurel is a beautiful 15 year old girl in Eastern Europe who desperately needs a forever family ASAP.

Laurel was born with arthrogryposis.    Very soon, if she’s not adopted, she will be transferred to an adult mental institution, despite the fact that her special needs are physical and they say she does not have any mental disabilities.    On top of that, if Laurel is not adopted very soon she will no longer be eligible because of her age.    She is a beautiful little girl who needs an adoptive family ASAP.

 Laurel currently has almost $12,000 in grant funding available for her adoption through Reece’s Rainbow. 

She can be adopted by married couples, large families and older parents are welcome.  Both parents are required to travel.

Because of time constraints a homestudy ready family (or one that can be homestudy ready very quickly) is being sought.

Please visit Laurel’s Reece’s Rainbow page.  Even if you aren’t her forever family, please consider giving to her grant fund.  She is more likely to find a forever family if money is not an issue.

You can read about arthrogryposis HERE.

This is a blog advocating for the adoption of children with anthrogryposis.    They have a lot of resources on their blog.

Interested families should email Andrea Roberts:

Thank you for considering how you can help this beautiful girl!


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