Benja’s EEG/MRI/CT

Just an update on Benja’s continuing medical evaluations. 

He recently had an EEG.  It was at noon and they wanted him to nap during the test.   Benja and I looked at the technician like she had four heads when she asked if he was ready to sleep.  In a room with three people, a TV, multiple computers,  in the middle of the day, strapped to a board with a gazillion wires coming out of his head.   Right.    I told them there was no way he would go to sleep.  So they did the test while he was awake.   She said they got what she needed so hopefully it was OK.    He was strapped down for probably a total of 2 hours.   About a hour to get all the wires stuck to his head and then another 20-30 minutes for the test and another 20-30 minutes to get them all off.   He wasn’t crazy about it but did OK.   They did a really poor job of getting all the glue off his head and two hair washes that night didn’t get it all off either.  Finally some baby oil and a good comb through got it all off.   Now we’re waiting to hear the results from the neurologist.

We spent that night near the hospital in a hotel because we had to be at the hospital at 7am to get checked in for his MRI/CT done under anesthesia.    I hate when he has to be intubated.   Because of his jaw/airway issues they make a huge deal about it at the hospital with multiple anesthesiologists, lots of questioning and discussing, explaining the increased risks, the difficulty of intubating him, etc.    It all makes me nervous.    I sat in the surgery waiting room for several hours while he had the tests done and then a nurse came out to get me.   She said “Is Benjamin your baby?”  I told her yes and she said “Girl, you have THE CUTEST baby!”   I agreed.  When I went back to see him the nurses were passing him around the nurses station.  :)   They said he did great waking up and besides a sore/scratchy throat and being tired the rest of the day he was great.   Now we’re waiting on the craniofacial surgeon to call us with results of the MRI/CT and let us know if we can schedule his jaw surgery!


One Comment to “Benja’s EEG/MRI/CT”

  1. Hope you get good news;) It’s very stressful to have to go to the hospital at any time, I’m glad he was so good;)

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