I scream, you scream…

we all scream for ice cream!

And that is exactly what happened at the park today.

Out of nowhere I heard a high pitched tinkling of music coming up the road. As the sounds of the truck grew closer, screams of “ice cream!” started rippling through the park and children abandoned their playing to race towards the parking lot. Parents started scrambling through their purses and pockets with one hand while attempting to hold back wild children with the other. Yes, that includes me.

I only found $2 so I told the kids we’d all have to share an ice cream cone. That didn’t seem to phase them…they were so intent on getting something, anything, from that ice cream truck.

As we walked up to the truck I saw a sign propped up in front that said “Free Ice Cream, Courtesy of —–(local realtor). Woo hoo! Ice cream for all. As the news spread the cheers grew louder and the line grew longer.

The three who were with me were overjoyed to get their ice cream out of the truck window. We don’t live in a part of town that gets an ice cream truck so this was quite a treat. It was a fun surprise to our afternoon.


One Comment to “I scream, you scream…”

  1. Few things are better than an unexpected treat;) How fun is this?:)

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