Saving Beth


Friends, please look at this beautiful child and spread the word about her need for an adoptive family.

Baby Beth is almost two years old. She has unrepaired spina bifida and will likely DIE if she doesn’t receive medical treatment and a forever family ASAP. It is truly a miracle that she is still alive now.

In case you aren’t aware of what spina bifida is, she has a hole in her back exposing her spinal cord. Spina bifida is usually correctly shortly after birth. Children with un-repaired spina bifida are at great risk for infection and usually don’t survive. Beth also has hydrocephalus (build up of fluid in her head) for which she has received a shunt. My friend Sarah is parenting amazing two children with spina bifida. I have cared for and transported internationally two children with un-repaired spina bifida and there will be many people happy to talk to anyone interested in learning more about what caring for children with spina bifida looks like.

I’ve been told that they don’t think Beth will be able to walk because of damage already done due to her unrepaired spina bifida. Miracles do happen though!!

Each of the children with spina bifida I have had the privelege of knowing have been the most amazingly smart, beautiful children who have touched my heart in such a special way. (Read about one of the babies I transported HERE. It’s the only one on this blog or I’d share the other.) Spina bifida has always been on our “of course!” list of medical conditions when we have adopted. We’d love to adopt a child with spina bifida someday. If we weren’t so newly home with our babies I’d be figuring out how we can adopt this beautiful little girl. PLEASE spread the word and help us find her forever family before it is too late.

Interested families should contact Nina at


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