Benja’s EEG/MRI update

We got notice that Benja’s EEG and MRI show a NORMAL (though still small) brain!  YAY!!

No signs of seizure activity so we’re assuming at this point that his previous seizures were febrile seizures.

This is such a relief!

We have an appointment with genetics on Monday to find out the results of his genetic testing. Then in June we go back to the craniofacial surgeon to talk to him about his plans for Benja’s mandibular distraction and cleft palate repair. We are also waiting for a call back from audiology about a more thorough hearing test and possible hearing aids.

Benja got AFO’s and a standing frame and is currently working on putting weight on his legs with hopes that he’ll show interest in standing and eventually walking.   We’ve been joking that he’s going to be a hurricane once he is walking.  He is already such a handful!

We’re having so much fun watching this sweet boy grow and develop!





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