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June 27, 2012

What a summer so far!  Can you believe that June is almost over?!

Some random notes on things happening around here:  Mayer, Kensia & Finn are all in swimming lessons right now. One day my mom took him to class and he came home with this story:  “Mom, at swimming lessons a boy peed in the pool.  My teacher said “don’t pee in the pool!  go to the bathroom!”  We all drank the water so now pee is in our bellies. <rolling laughter>”   Such a boy!  :)  He’s growing up so fast.  He and Kensia are really close and I’ve been noticing that how grown up and mature he’s been trying to act lately.   A lady at the hospital asked him how old he was last week.   “Seven”  he said proudly.   When I reminded him he was four and he looked at me and said “Mom, today I am seven, OK?  :)  He’s currently fairly obsessed with American Ninja Warrior.   He and Keith watch it sometimes in the evenings so now, every night before bed, we have to set up an obstacle course for him in his room.  When he successfully completes the course and jumps into bed we have to yell “Mayer is the first American Ninja Warrior!”  He thinks it is the greatest thing ever.  :)

We put Jovia in her wheelchair this morning for some practice time and she immediately started yelling “Outside! Outside!”.  So we headed outside where she attempted to run over the contractor who was here giving us an estimate for a new driveway at our house.  :)  She’s excited to be up and moving and anxious to go up to people, she has no idea though how close to get and when to stop.   She’s learning and no one has been injured yet.   :) We’re told these suckers can break toes so we’re being extra careful when she’s moving.   She’s gotten quite bossy when she’s in the chair.  Today I asked her to turn around and come back the other way.  She yelled NO and took off the other direction headed straight down the hill.   So I had to sprint after her and get her turned around.   Glad she’s got this freedom but we’ll be setting some rules here quickly!

We’ve been busy with Benja the last couple of days.   He had Hearing clinic yesterday at the hospital (1.5 hours away) and then we had to go back to the hospital to Craniofacial clinic today.  We got his hearing aids ordered and got more of a plan for his jaw/palate.  Looks like no matter what we will be headed for a mandibular distraction soon.  The good news is that they may not need to do surgery on his jaw joint in addition to the distraction since he seems to be opening his mouth more and more all the time.  They are hoping to do another test to see exactly why his jaw is “locked” shut.  They won’t fix his palate until his jaw is corrected so we’re a ways from that.  Tomorrow is PT and we’re hoping he’ll get his new posterior walker!  I’m excited for him to try it out.

We’re headed for vacation in less than two weeks and I am ready!    These kiddos are keeping us so busy but we’re having a blast.   My work booked my plane tickets for a trip back to Uganda in August.  I know with our vacation in July and then Uganda in August the rest of summer is going to fly by!

June 23, 2012

It’s here!

We got home late last night with the new wheelchair!  

Jovia absolutely loves it.  She practiced for about half an hour yesterday at the hospital and then drove around a bit this morning in the house.  She did really great and drove it through the living room, down the hall, to her room and through the kitchen with only a little bit of help and only bumped the walls a few times. (I have a feeling our walls will never be the same!)   We’re going to have to be careful of everyone’s toes and Benja will definitely have to be up off the floor whenever she’s moving.   I hope we can take it out soon to some place with a lot more room so she can practice more.  We still haven’t gotten a ramp for the car so we’re trying to find one ASAP.   We’re so excited for her and can’t believe how quickly she’s figuring out how to control it.  She’s such an amazing little girl!

June 22, 2012

Wheelchair day is here!

Tomorrow is Jovia’s big day!

Her Permobil K450 is in Kentucky waiting for us to go get it!!!  Her first wheelchair!!
(this is not her actual chair pictured below – but it should look just like this) 

For some reason I was feeling a bit emotional this evening as I thought about going to get that chair.  I’m really not sure why.  I’m absolutely overjoyed for Jovia and the independence this will bring her.  I suppose I’m just a little nervous about how to “do life” with this gigantic thing.  This chair, and the ones to come, are going to be part of all of our lives from this point on.  Exciting and just a tiny bit nerve wracking.   :)  I know soon it will be just another step in our routine and I’ve got a feeling it will feel normal pretty quickly!

Prayers appreciated as Jovia adapts to this new experience.   I know this is going to be such an amazing blessing to her life and I can’t wait to watch her independence grow as she learns to use her wheelchair!


June 8, 2012

Look at him go!

We are watching miracles unfold here one after another! 
I can’t wait to get his walker – Benja’s going to take off!    

Benja Walking from sister haiti on Vimeo.

June 8, 2012

Our Little Gymnast! :)

Jovia’s “Arm” Stands from sister haiti on Vimeo.

June 3, 2012

Please watch!

Oh.  My. Goodness.

You have to watch this video.

Please watch it all the way to the end.