Wheelchair day is here!

Tomorrow is Jovia’s big day!

Her Permobil K450 is in Kentucky waiting for us to go get it!!!  Her first wheelchair!!
(this is not her actual chair pictured below – but it should look just like this) 

For some reason I was feeling a bit emotional this evening as I thought about going to get that chair.  I’m really not sure why.  I’m absolutely overjoyed for Jovia and the independence this will bring her.  I suppose I’m just a little nervous about how to “do life” with this gigantic thing.  This chair, and the ones to come, are going to be part of all of our lives from this point on.  Exciting and just a tiny bit nerve wracking.   :)  I know soon it will be just another step in our routine and I’ve got a feeling it will feel normal pretty quickly!

Prayers appreciated as Jovia adapts to this new experience.   I know this is going to be such an amazing blessing to her life and I can’t wait to watch her independence grow as she learns to use her wheelchair!



3 Comments to “Wheelchair day is here!”

  1. She will love it;)

  2. how exciting. !

  3. We are leading parallel lives! We are going to try out the Permobil K450 on Tuesday. And Hope is going for her prosthesis fitting on Wednesday. Did you run in to any issues with your insurance not wanting to cover both at the same time? That’s my only concern. I’ve been praying.

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