It’s here!

We got home late last night with the new wheelchair!  

Jovia absolutely loves it.  She practiced for about half an hour yesterday at the hospital and then drove around a bit this morning in the house.  She did really great and drove it through the living room, down the hall, to her room and through the kitchen with only a little bit of help and only bumped the walls a few times. (I have a feeling our walls will never be the same!)   We’re going to have to be careful of everyone’s toes and Benja will definitely have to be up off the floor whenever she’s moving.   I hope we can take it out soon to some place with a lot more room so she can practice more.  We still haven’t gotten a ramp for the car so we’re trying to find one ASAP.   We’re so excited for her and can’t believe how quickly she’s figuring out how to control it.  She’s such an amazing little girl!


4 Comments to “It’s here!”

  1. I know you had a bit anticipation anxiety but she’s adapting quickly. Terrific news. Opens up a whole new world for her. :-)

  2. wow oh wow this is amazing. So lovely to see Jovia so happy and so active. Love her handstands too!! You are an amazing couple thank you for loving the kids so so much xx

  3. Awesome, I knew she would love it:) Wheelchairs can be so helpful:) I have worked with people who use them, they are a wonderful thing to have available…

  4. Have you checked into any assistance possible from the Independent Living Center? There is one in Lancaster. Sometimes they can help with home modifications, and maybe a ramp?

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