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August 26, 2012

…a family for me?

“Do you think you can find a family for me?” She asked quietly while staring at the dirt she was poking with her big toe.

I want a family too!”  a young man exclaimed while tugging on my arm.

“Does she want me?” another young man asked his caregiver nervously.

YES, I wanted to cry out to each of them!  Yes, there are families for every single one of you!  Yes, you are wanted and loved and treasured and won’t have to spend another day as an orphan!

But obviously, I couldn’t say those things.   Because there aren’t families waiting for them.  And no one wants to adopt 14 years olds.  And maybe those boys will never find families because school age boys are simply too scary.   So instead, I had to smile and hold back tears.

I’ll try.” I told them.  “I promise I’ll try really hard to find you families.”

AAI is looking for adoptive families for many older and special needs children in multiple countries.  There are children waiting right now.   There are many children who will be waiting soon.  Please help us spread the word that we’re looking for families for these hopeful, “hard to place” children.

August 20, 2012


I am home from Uganda.  10 days was a very long time away from my little ones!

This trip was full of extremes.  Ten days felt so long yet it also went by so quickly.   There were happy, fun times with friends and then heartbreaking, cry-my-eyes-out times with the orphans we are helping.  I’m exhausted.

I have so many stories and pictures to share but I feel like I still need some time to process it all myself first.

In the meantime, something adorable is posted below.  The smile is contagious!   This sweet little man asked me seriously before I left his orphanage if I could find he and his brother a family.  I promised him I’d try.  I can’t wait to hear their file is ready and we can start looking for their forever family!

IMG 3627 from sister haiti on Vimeo.

August 7, 2012

Outta here…

I’m headed out of town for a work trip tomorrow.  I don’t anticipate having time or ability to blog while I’m gone but hope to have some stories to share when I return.  I’m not looking forward to being away from the kids but I know they will be safe and happy at home.   As always, I appreciate prayers for safety and health while I’m away.   I will write more when I can.

August 6, 2012

Ten years…

Ten years ago a beautiful baby girl was born. 

Nine years ago we spent her first birthday with her at a hotel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.   

Today, she is ten years old!

We are so grateful that God has given us the gift of this beautiful, compassionate, witty and creative young lady.  

Happy Birthday Kensia!  We love you!!!