…a family for me?

“Do you think you can find a family for me?” She asked quietly while staring at the dirt she was poking with her big toe.

I want a family too!”  a young man exclaimed while tugging on my arm.

“Does she want me?” another young man asked his caregiver nervously.

YES, I wanted to cry out to each of them!  Yes, there are families for every single one of you!  Yes, you are wanted and loved and treasured and won’t have to spend another day as an orphan!

But obviously, I couldn’t say those things.   Because there aren’t families waiting for them.  And no one wants to adopt 14 years olds.  And maybe those boys will never find families because school age boys are simply too scary.   So instead, I had to smile and hold back tears.

I’ll try.” I told them.  “I promise I’ll try really hard to find you families.”

AAI is looking for adoptive families for many older and special needs children in multiple countries.  There are children waiting right now.   There are many children who will be waiting soon.  Please help us spread the word that we’re looking for families for these hopeful, “hard to place” children.


4 Responses to “…a family for me?”

  1. This breaks my heart. Where is the church???

  2. How sad…I shared on fb and twitter. Maybe you could do a speaking tour of churches. A lot of people think international adoptions are too hard to pursue, maybe you could explain it all and do a slide show…

  3. I’m going to share this. I really, really hope these kids can find families. Children who are truly adoptable who really WANT to be adopted should not be waiting :(


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