World CP Day!

Today, September 4, 2012 is the first ever World CP (Cerebral Palsy) day!

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for children, especially orphans, with cerebral palsy.   I remember the first time I spent time with an orphaned child with CP.   He was in Haiti and it was one of my first experiences in a developing country.  This sweet boy spent most of his time tied up.  He would be tied to the railings of stairs/porches or his feet would be hobbled so he couldn’t walk.  He was so desperate for attention he clung to whoever would show any interest in him.   I watched as visitors and volunteers spent hours loving on the cute, chubby babies but averted their eyes whenever they were in the same room with this little boy.  My heart broke for him.  Since that time I have found myself seeking out children with CP whenever I’m in orphanages or children’s homes.  Giving them extra love and cuddles that I know they are likely missing in their daily lives.

My precious son was diagnosed with CP after we brought him home from Africa.  He is only mildly affected, it causes weakness in his lower limbs.   He is now 2.5 years old and is learning to walk with braces and a walker.   While he is challenged with many special needs and medical conditions, he has made more progress in the past year than we would have ever dreamed possible.   He is a delightful, sweet and beautiful child.  We can’t imagine life without him.

There are many beautiful children with cerebral palsy waiting for families all over the world.   AAI‘s Uganda program is advocating for two children with CP on their waiting child list and we’ll have more children listed soon.   I’m know other agencies have children with CP on their waiting lists as well.   Reece’s Rainbow has a beautiful video of children with CP that they are advocating for.  Please consider providing a family to one of these precious children.

If you have any questions about what parenting a child with CP looks like, I’d love to talk to you and connect you with other families!

Happy World CP Day!!

Some of the many silly faces of our sweet Benja.  He loves to sit in his new big boy chair!




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