He’s waiting….

I want to share with you an amazing little boy in Africa who is waiting for a family.  

This amazing kid is about 11 years old and is described as a very special boy.  He is very loving and REALLY wants a forever family.  His orphanage director says he is always working to try and help people.  They report that he is fantastic with the smaller kids in the home and never acts jealous of them.   He is a double orphan and has been living in a children’s home for many years.


He has a lot working against him finding a family. He’s a boy. He’s older. He’s HIV+ and he’s in a country with long travel requirements.

Despite all of that, I just know there is someone out there who would love another little boy in their family!

By the way – If you are still scared of HIV, if you think it’s a risk bringing an HIV+ child into your family, if you still think it’s a death sentence…let me help you educate yourself on HIV!  SO many families are now adopting HIV+ children because they are realizing that it is a very manageable special need and their are so many kids who need families!   Your other children/family members/friends are not at risk of contracting it in a normal household environment.   With medicine he will be able to live a long, healthy life. Check this out:  http://www.projecthopeful.org/truth-pandemic

From an adoptive family who recently met him:

“He has the sweetest most tender little heart you have ever seen. Just before I snapped his picture, a younger child came up to the lunch table and there were no chairs left. Without saying a word he got up and gave the younger boy his chair and then went and found himself another one.”

What a sweet little guy!

Do you know anyone looking to adopt a beautiful little boy?  Please feel free to share this post with them.   Interested in adopting him or want more information on requirements, country info, etc?   Leave me a message here and I’ll contact you!



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