October 10th…

October 10th has been a big day in our lives.  It is a day that brings up so many memories as so many huge things have happened that day.

On 10/10/2004 I married my best friend.  We didn’t have a big wedding.   We stood up during church and announced that we would we getting married after church and anyone who wanted to stay for the wedding could.  LOL.  We did warn immediate family members who didn’t attend church with us that they might want to come that day.

On 10/10/2007 I left Haiti with a tiny, precious baby who quickly burrowed himself into my heart and became our first child.  That night I arrived home with our precious Schnider.

On 10/10/2008 – I was heartbroken and crying in Haiti as I said goodbye to Schnider and watched him be reunited with his mom.

On 10/10/2011 – We came home with Jovia and Benjamin and started our lives as a family of five.

So what does 10/10/2012 bring?  Nothing too exciting.  I’m preparing to go out of town tomorrow to get our new wheelchair accessible van (more on that soon!) but today will be a typical day.  And that’s just fine with me.

I wonder what next year will bring?



Schnider & Roobens on our way home from Haiti


The babies finally at home. 


Keith & I



One Comment to “October 10th…”

  1. Loved your marriage story! Can’t wait to see the new van :)

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