Leaving the house…

This morning, like I do several times a month, I took the babies to occupational therapy.  Jovia’s OT is working on some wheelchair skills with her which means I need to get Jovia, Benja, her wheelchair, a diaper bag and myself through the hospital and to the OT room.

Because Jovia is still learning how to use her chair I need to have my hands free to help maneuver when there are a lot of people around, through narrow doorways or tight spots.  {Hands free is not something that happens often around here}

So in order to accomplish this I have to strap Benja to my back in the Ergo, sling the diaper bag around my neck and then chase after Jovia in her bright pink wheelchair as we wind our way through the hospital.

Me, dripping sweat, huffing through the hospital with 40 lb Benja strapped to my back, helping Jovia dodge little old ladies.

It’s quite the sight.

A lady at the hospital stood in a doorway and watched us pass today.   “You sure have your hands full…” she said as we walked by.

I just smiled and nodded.  I should have told her that for once my hands were free but I don’t think that’s what she meant.

Someone recently asked me about the hardest part of parenting two same-age special needs kids.

I told them leaving the house.  :)

Seriously – having two “big” non-walkers is harder than I had imagined.  Almost everything else is a lot easier than I expected.  The actual special needs, the medical aspects, the actual parenting is easy.  But taking them both places by myself is hard.   Especially when I can’t use the double stroller!

Of course though, it goes without saying, that these two are completely and totally worth it.  We’d do it over and over again without question!

But I am ready for Benjamin to walk.  It will make life a whole lot easier.  Hoping to see some serious progress in that department soon.  :)


2 Comments to “Leaving the house…”

  1. I must say I agree with you. Mine are 7 1/2. My son is 40lbs and my daughter is 33. Neither has the body mechanics to make me carrying them easier. We long out grew the double stroller. Now wiith our 10 year old I can’t go anywhere without my older son unless there will be a double shopping cart. You should see me when my son uses his walker. Him and the1 0 year old will wonder. Then I have the stroller. We are working on the skill of standing in line. That way I can keep up with them.

  2. Guess you guys know him, but if not – check him out.

    His ministry homepage:

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