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May 23, 2013

Baby Girl Waiting for a Family!

UPDATE:  Baby Cooper has a family!  Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word! 

This beautiful baby girl is in Liberia and looking for her family.

She is only about six weeks old.   


Look at those cheeks!

This sweet girl is a congenital quad amputee like our little Jovia.  I would love to talk to families about what parenting a child without limbs looks like.   This little girl is going to be such a blessing to someone’s family!

Interested families please contact me using the form below and I will put you in touch with the agency involved.

May 17, 2013

Waiting Baby Boys!

AAI has a couple of SUPER cute baby boys waiting for a family. 

Baby boy 1 and baby boy 2 are both in W. Africa.  Their country requires parents be over age 30, have a “small family” and married 5+ years.  

Baby boy 1 is a year old.  He has developmental delays and suspected cerebral palsy.  
Baby boy 2 is 7 months old.  He has multiple special needs. 

Families interested in inquiring about baby boy 1 and/or baby boy 2 should email 

Baby boy 3 is in E. Africa.  His country has somewhat flexible requirements for children with special needs. 

Baby boy 3 is also a year old and has been diagnosed with craniosynostosis and other special needs.  There is video available of this little guy and he is CUTE!  

Families interested in baby boy 3 should email

Thank you for spreading the word and helping us find families for these precious baby boys!