Baby Girl Waiting for a Family!

UPDATE:  Baby Cooper has a family!  Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word! 

This beautiful baby girl is in Liberia and looking for her family.

She is only about six weeks old.   


Look at those cheeks!

This sweet girl is a congenital quad amputee like our little Jovia.  I would love to talk to families about what parenting a child without limbs looks like.   This little girl is going to be such a blessing to someone’s family!

Interested families please contact me using the form below and I will put you in touch with the agency involved.


3 Comments to “Baby Girl Waiting for a Family!”

  1. Will Liberia accept larger families? We have nine childten total, but four are out of the home (one in med school, one graduating from law school, a professional dancer and a professional photographer, which leaves us with five in the home (sophomore in high school, eighth grade- both African American, a 16 year old Chinese son, a 10 year old “homegrown” and a 9 year old multiple needs daughter from Haiti. Our Chinese son is legally blind. I am a stay at home mom, degree in special ed, husband and I married 27 years.

    Would we even be considered?

  2. I have the same questions as Kathy up above :-) We aren’t in a position to adopt right now because we are currently adopting a young girl with special needs from Bulgaria. But this sweet angel is so adorable, I am sure that she will be snapped up in a heartbeat! I just wondered about the requirements for Liberia for the future.

  3. I’m told that Liberia is flexible in their family requirements. They are only doing adoptions for special needs children. You can find more information on the State Department or by contacting one of the agencies approved to work in Liberia. I know Angels Haven in CA and Americans for African Adoption are two that are working there. Angels Haven would process this little girls adoption. Message me privately if you want more contact info about this child.

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